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This year’s opening round of congressional hearings regarding global warming and alternative fuels has been bombarded with a bunch of controversial issues. For Ford Motor Company ( NYSE:F ), China has offered not only a market for its mainstream vehicles, but also a huge array of consumers for Ford’s rebounding Lincoln brand, without a host of strong domestic competitors. Automaker Volvo will export cars from China to the United States and is going to earn the distinction as the first major global automaker to export cars directly to the U. Ford was the last of the Detroit Three automakers to reach a new contract with Unifor.

The automaker expects that the 2007 Jeep Compass is designed with an urban flair to appeal to new buyers in the compact SUV segment projected to double to 568,000 units by 2010 and triple to 814,000 by 2016 from 297,000 units in 2004. The EV market goes through what I think of as evolution-and-extinction cycles In the 1990s, General Motors introduced the EV-1, only to kill off the car after building just over 1,000. If you’re keeping track, that marks the 16th month of the past 19 when GM gained retail market share.automaker

While we don’t intend to assign blame of the breakup for the joint venture, and while it remains to be seen whether the dissolution of the partnership is a good long-term move for Fiat and Tata, the example does provide an important illustration about why automakers need to have strong alliances with their dealer networks.

Back then, Chrysler took five months to lobby Congress for assistance, even replacing their chairman, John Riccardo, with Lee Iaccoca, the executive who helped bring the iconic Ford Mustang to market. Toyota vehicles were first introduced to the North American market in the 1960s and were, at the time, widely panned by critics as being too small and inferior in quality. Other automakers manufacture overwhelming designs of mirrors to their detriment. Based on financial models developed by J.D. Power—and depending on the size of dealer’s prime marketing area— these defections can represent millions of rupees in lost revenue. There is an answer to the problem of US automakers losing market share to Japanese automakers. But it is ultimately up to the automakers to build vehicles that meet these standards. The automaker also expects a decline in sales this year after six strong years of consecutive yearly increases.

Prior to her appointment as Financial Director & company secretary for Automaker Media Group in 2011, Doris was head of department of business and economics at William Brookes College in Much Wenlock, UK. Her professional career has included financial and management roles at automotive suppliers, fashion brands, and engineering companies prior to Doris’s academic career lecturing at Staffordshire University, Stoke College, and later William Brookes College.

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