Why Hero Maestro Edge is a better buy than Honda Activa?

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Planning to buy a gearless scooter? Read on to know why Hero Maestro Edge is better than Honda Activa 4G.


Today, we are not going to talk about any superbike from Harley Davidson, Yamaha or Honda, nor any other fuel-efficient bike from Hero or Bajaj. But today, we are going to touch the gearless scooter segment of India, which is known for ease and comfortable riding in the city traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you own an Audi or a Tata Nano, it is a gearless scooter which is not less than a blessing in the Indian traffic.

For years, Honda Activa has been the best-seller gearless scooter in the Indian market, and it is still the best in terms of sales. Honda sold 282,478 units of Activa in May 2017, which is a very good number when compared to the competitors. It is the trust, reliability and brand reputation of Honda which has made Activa the king of gearless scooters in India.

2017 Hero Maestro Edge – The Game Changer

The all-new 2017 Hero Maestro Edge is one of the closest rival to the Honda Activa 4G. Ever since Hero and Honda separated their ways in the Indian two-wheeler market, Hero tried its best to compete strongly in the gearless scooter segment. And it launched the Maestro and later an updated Maestro Edge to compete with Honda’s successful highly successful Activa.

Hero sold only 35,795 units of Maestro Edge in the month of May2017. But still, the new 2017 Maestro Edge has a lot of capacity to boost the sales in coming months. Let’s have a look at a few major reasons why 2017 Hero Maestro Edge is a better buy than Honda Activa.

Stylish Body Design

The 2017 Hero Maestro Edge looks stylish, sporty and dynamic with its all-new exterior body design. The new graphic combinations available as an option look fresh and young. On the other hand, the Honda Activa retains the same old bulgy design which has got only a few tweaks in last few years. The Hero Maestro Edge looks appealing and continues to attract its young and college going buyers.

Alloy Wheels

The 2017 Hero Maestro Edge rides on 12-inch alloy wheels on the front and 10-inch alloy wheels on the rear. On the other hand, the Activa 4G still rides on 10-inch steel wheels on the front and rear. The bigger 12-inch alloy wheels on the Maestro Edge gives a confidence to the rider which the Activa fails to do.

Digital Analog Combo Instrument Console

The Hero Maestro Edge sports a digital and modern instrument console with all information presented in the best possible way. There is also a digital trip meter and service reminder. It looks better designed and finished than the analogue and boring instrument console on Honda Activa.

Telescopic Suspension

The telescopic suspension on Maestro Edge handles potholes better than the aging suspension on Honda Activa.

External Fuel Lid

The external fuel lid on the Maestro Edge offers comfort and ease on petrol pumps, where Activa 4G fails.

LED Tail lamps & Boot Light

The LED tail lamp on the Hero Maestro Edge looks really cool. Also, it features a small boot light, which is really helpful during night. The Honda Activa fails here too.

Which gearless scooter according to you is better? Share your comments in the section below.

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