Three Chrysler Models Get Axed

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Safety is a state that implies to be protected from any risk, danger, damage or cause of injury. Volkswagen was on pace to usurp Toyota’s title in June, but the German automaker came under fire late in 2015 after the discovery that some 11 million diesel vehicles were equipped with software to manipulate emissions levels. Bailing out the US Automakers will only lead foreign nations to bail out their automakers. These cars are already marked down when compared to their bigger counterparts and save drivers more at the pump, but patient consumers who wait for them to hit the used car market may be able to save even further. The first Honda, a Civic, was introduced to the North American market in 1971 and was soon followed by the Accord as well as the Prelude. New models can be built on Malaysian assembly lines, cars that one day could be destined for the profitable US market.

For Tesla Motors ( NASDAQ:TSLA ), China has been a promising market due to the government’s desire to reduce pollution, opening the door for a surge in electric vehicle (EV) demand. And while GM remains the top automaker in the United States, its sales decline 6.5 percent through April compared to a year ago, and it has lost a percentage point of its American market share, which dipped to 22.9 percent. If such a trend continues, since there is no way that Active Brakes Direct could do the trick, it would not take long before foreign automakers become more profitable than Detroit manufacturers. Mazda was well above average in the American Customer Satisfaction Index last year, but significant gains by other automakers has brought up the average to 82. This year, Mazda falls just below the average line, maintaining its score of 80. The automaker this year fell two slots to No. 10, according to Consumer Reports.

This is because the company was jolted into action by unprecedented sales doldrums and market share declines resulting to overwhelming losses. The automaker is currently in the process of swiftly cutting costs to concentrate more on some production concerns.

The German automaker also has plans to launch commercial trucks that would rival concepts from Nikola Motors and other manufacturers beginning to announce plans for heavy-duty transport Mercedes would have a sub-brand devoted to these electrified models similar to the BMW i line of vehicles on the road now.

The healthy — or perhaps unhealthy — assumption in the industry is that significantly higher EV demand will materialize in the future, making electric cars into something other than a compliance effort (automakers building EVs to satisfy government requirements rather than to capture consumer spending).

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