The Role of Laser in the Automotive Industry

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For now, the application of laser technology in the world of the automotive industry has increased, with laser marking, cutting, and so on. Overall, the upper and lower structures inside and outside the decoration of the car play an important role, it can be seen, it can be said there are no cars if there are no automotive laser.

Laser car body processing application

According to relevant statistics, advanced industrial countries in Europe and America have 50{575b1dbbd574e8f69c4273f84959409e023371326ea89e143653a91798ddc1d2} -70{575b1dbbd574e8f69c4273f84959409e023371326ea89e143653a91798ddc1d2} of auto parts that must be equipped with laser processing. Lasitlaser also made a preliminary study of the application of lasers in making cars.

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Laser welding has the following characteristics:

• Narrow heating (concentration) range

• The level and position of the action is accurately controlled.

• Small zones exposed to heat.

• Small welding deformation, no need for post-welding orthopedics.

• Processing without contact, without the need for pressure and surface treatment of the workpiece.

• Fast welding speed.

• There is no effect of heat, no sound, no pollution to the outside world.

The diameter of the laser beam on the material surface is 0.2-0.6mm, and the weld width is below 2mm. Welding of laser weld metal is quickly compacted and grain is finer, and higher strength can be obtained. Laser welding can increase body stiffness by up to 30{575b1dbbd574e8f69c4273f84959409e023371326ea89e143653a91798ddc1d2}. The top cover and side circumference of laser welding, compared to the traditional point welding process, two rubber insulation strips are not on the roof, which increases the body’s visual effects. Project “One millimeter” in precision body control (the accuracy of the white vehicle size is controlled in + 1mm), which is the reality of laser welding.

Laser welding speeds up the process of replacing forging parts with stamping parts. With laser welding, continuous laser welding, non-discrete spot welding can reduce the width of the rotation and some parts of the amplifier, and can compress the volume of the body structure itself. Thus, the weight can be reduced to 56kg. The application of laser welding has realized weight reduction and emission reduction, which coincides with environmental protection requirements in the current era.

Laser welding is applied to adjust the thick weld plate, and the benefits are even more remarkable. This technology transforms traditional manufacturing technology into several parts, first, stamping and welding. Transformation is as follows: first, welding parts with different thicknesses for the whole, then forming stamping, reducing the number of components, making rational use of material and improving its structure and function.

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