Renting Cars at 22 Years Old and Everything You Needed To Know

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Often, students below 25 years of age face difficulties in renting a car. When it comes to car rental for 22 year old, many companies are reluctant to provide so. They cite different reasons in favour of this rule for instance rash driving, carelessness, etc. However, majority of the young generation needs a car for a variety of useful purposes, which they cannot avail for the existence of such barrier. For this reason, many companies have facilitated the option to rent a car even to the 22 years old.

Reasons for the companies’ unwillingness to rent a car to the below-25 age group

Statistics shows that majority of the accidents take place below the age group of 25 than any other age groups. They do not trust the young drivers in their careful approach to driving and thereby have raised this bar for renting a car. There are also cases when this young group have shown carelessness while driving and caused significant damage to the vehicle. The other issues that are commonly reported from the young drivers are –

  • They generally raise excessive speed that results in accidents.
  • Most of the young generation drive under the influence of alcohol that can cause an accident. This is the reason most of the car rental companies do not trust them as they cause the most damage to the cars.

However, the companies which rent out car to students and people below the age limit generally charge higher than those above 25. They have also understood that many young drivers are responsible enough to operate a car and thereby have offered them rental provision of cars.

Now, if you are below 25 and still not sure whether to rent a car or not, here are some cool reasons that you need to check.

  • Convenient option

Hiring a car can be particular useful if you have to travel a lot be it your university or the hiking you have planned with your friends. Moreover, you can get the freedom to travel anywhere and anytime without any hassles.

  • Comfortable journey

With your car at your disposal, you can travel the journey comfortably. The cars that you can hire are spacious and luxurious enough to make your journey a pleasant one.

  • Low or no maintenance required

Car hiring can be a smart option as you do not have to worry about its maintenance or repair. This is because the rental companies are there to take care of these needs and take proper maintenance of these cars. Moreover, you do not have to worry about getting a garage as the companies itself are responsible for keeping them safely.

  • Freedom from public transport

Often, public transport becomes a hectic affair and you need to wait for a long time waiting for them to arrive. However, with car rentals, you can easily manage your time and travel faster.

As you have seen, car rental for 22 years old is not impossible nowadays. So, get a car from the nearest car rental service station and travel without any hassles.

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