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Engineers use their imagination and knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry to devise, apply and manage the technologies that are fundamental to the wellbeing and advancement of society. The MEng Group Project involves 3-6 students of different engineering disciplines forming a team. This module aims to address the current and future demand for engineers in the automotive sector to have a holistic understanding of vehicles as systems which deliver a range of capabilities from transport to safety to information to entertainment. Many Brunel graduates are currently working in key technical and managerial positions within the automotive industry. Outline the historical development of ‘quality’ and assess application of quality tools and techniques in engineering.automotive engineeringautomotive engineering

This module introduces new developments in engine technology and alternative power systems. With vehicles joining the Internet of Things, connectivity is making cybersecurity a must-have obligation for automotive engineers, from initial designs through end-of-life. Automotive Engineering are simply the best at what they do. I have a 2004 Mini and was looking for someone close to home for my automotive repairs. These are internationally recognised qualifications awarded by the Engineering Council. Apply further methods in differential and integral calculus in an engineering context. The programme is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), under licence from the UK regulator, the Engineering Council, and satisfies the academic requirements for incorporated engineer (IEng) status. They can vary depending on your employer, level of work experience and class of degree. Students who complete the thick-sandwich course will be awarded their degree ‘with Professional Development’.

If you apply for admission into the graduate program in automotive engineering, you must meet the academic requirements for admission to the Clemson University Graduate School. Describe the characteristics of a range of common engineering materials including the various failure modes and provide simple analysis using appropriate analytical tools such as the concept of fracture mechanics. This multi-faceted approach introduces you to the broad basis of automotive engineering and gives you the chance to interact with engineers from different specialisations. It is designed to give you experience of the full cycle of an engineering project, from initial planning to final presentation. As an automotive engineer, you’ll be able to choose from a range of career options.

Within a mechanical engineering program, students may have the opportunity to specialize or concentrate in automotive engineering. You will be able to build on solid knowledge in engineering science with further tuition in vehicle design, comprising modules on vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, chassis and powertrain development. These internships are offered through automotive suppliers or manufacturers and opportunities may be available to specialize in a specific area. During the first year students apply mechanical engineering principals to automotive applications, allowing the development of skills that will enable you to analyse complex automotive systems in the second year. This programme is specifically designed to enhance the employment and promotional opportunities of graduates in mechanical and automotive engineering.

Polytech Orléans has acknowledged expertise in automotive topics such as new engine concepts, energy management, engine control, and external aerodynamics in partnership with leading car manufacturers and suppliers. Magna Electronics is rapidly expanding production of its made-in-U.S.A. onboard cameras to keep pace with booming OEM demand for safety and vehicle-autonomy vision-systems technology. Getting involved in competitions like the Formula races run by the Society of Automotive Engineers Australia can get you experience building cars to put on your CV.

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