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Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers, Part D

Stonehouse Search & Selection, a member of WISE, is conducting a fact finding exercise asking women about their experiences working as middle management and senior engineers in automotive engineering. The Combustion Engineering track from KTH Royal Institute of Technology focuses on sustainability issues, and emphasizes engine performance, including fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions. The module involves a major project undertaken throughout the final year of the programme and allows students to research and study in depth a topic in their particular engineering discipline which is of personal interest.

The first two years/levels also provide exposure to other related engineering subjects, such as electrical and electronic engineering, and commercially important topics, such as management and related law. To enable students to relate the theory of steering and suspension to automotive applications and solve problems in motor vehicle systems. This module is a core module in all the BSc programmes offered by the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and forms the ‘capstone’ experience for the course. This module is designed to further develop knowledge and skills in materials, manufacturing processing and engineering design. The University of Pittsburgh awards their students an »Automotive Engineering Certificate« on the successful completion of courses in this programme. The Automotive Systems Engineering program is also offered online through the Distance Learning Network (DLN). Produce and interpret engineering drawings in accordance with international standards.

The master’s program Automotive Technology offers a program based on a systems approach, providing multidisciplinary knowledge of today’s high-tech automotive industry. You will take an in-depth look at aspects of automotive systems, such as engine types, braking systems, gear boxes and chassis systems. On this course you will develop a strong grounding in mathematics, design, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. In 2012, Julie left GM and now works as a Launch Engineer for Johnson Controls, one of the biggest automotive tier one suppliers in the world, responsible for the upfront work for new products. Bumper Beam: Achieved $2.1 million savings and 60{c0ab263b3175d981033b17d6eec654a369e659a5af23b80a9510e95dedf16ccb} weight reduction through Value Engineering for a global OEM.

The main challenge for these engineering centres is to design, develop and manufacture the next generation of road vehicles capable of providing improved environmental impact whilst maintaining acceptable vehicle performance, reliability and cost. You’ll have access to the wide range of engineering and computing careers resources held by our Employability team in our dedicated Employability Suite.

Optimisation of advanced automotive system designs, including brake, suspension and chassis systems using Cosmos software is also covered. In the first two years you will study subjects that have been designed to broaden your perspective of automotive engineering. In addition to learning about innovative designs and systems, a master’s degree will also provide research opportunities and could lead to career advancement. Year one You will study core modules in Engineering Science, Engineering Analytics, Vehicle Design, Materials Engineering & Performance, and Professional & Technical Communication Skills. Sorry, no Mechanical and automotive engineering programs are currently available for local applicants.

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