Plate Ruined in an Accident

Used Cars

My car had a bit of an accident a couple of months ago. Some careless driver hit the back of my car while I was at a red light. Luckily I survived the accident without any major injuries, but the back of my car was ruined and needed to be repaired. I’m also lucky that there was nothing in the trunk that was important, or it would have been damaged beyond repair. Sometimes I keep my electronics back there when I’m driving around. I needed replacement number plates because the accident ruined my old one.

In order to get a new number plate, I looked online and found a website that sells custom plates. I never really thought about getting a custom plate before, because I was happy with the one that was given to me, but this gave me the perfect opportunity to give myself a plate that would be specific to my tastes. I always wanted to have a plate that looked like one from this spy movie, and this was the chance to get it. I created the plate with my numbers and ordered it. The plate actually came before the repairs to my car were done.

I finally had my car back after the repairs were done. The driver who hit my car had to pay for the damages. Hopefully no one else will hit my car, because I don’t want to wait for repairs to happen to it again, and I don’t want to have to buy a new plate after just getting this one. I wish more people would be careful when they’re driving on the road, or would at least look ahead of them to realize when cars in front of them have stopped or when the traffic lights indicate that a stop should happen.

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