Perform These 3 Steps to Make Car Windshield Clean Again

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The appearance of the car exudes the personality of its owner. So, if your car looks clean and well maintained, then people who see can feel your personality that is organized and pleasing. This appearance does not mean you have to look through expensive cars, but the car that is maintained. One of them is the windshield which is most prone to dirty.

You certainly often see on the road milling around cars with windshield that is so dirty that we can write something on the windshield. Circumstances like this not only reduce the beauty but also can reduce the performance of the windshield itself. Not only because of reduced vision but also can cause scratches.

Therefore, car windshield maintenance is one of the treatments that are often chosen by car owners. You can do windshield cleaning, repairing, and replacing through the service in the windshield replacement Peoria Az.

Steps to Clean Car Windshield

Clean the outside of the car’s windshield

If you want to clean the windshield, the first thing you have to do is lift the wiper or wiper. Make sure the area under the wiper is clean before you spray the windshield cleaner. If so, you can spray the windshield cleaner thoroughly.

You can clean from the right side or the left side first. However, make sure the entire area of ​​the windshield to get the cleaning liquid spray. You can spray up to five sprays for windshield with a broad cross-section.

Always use a clean cloth that has a smooth surface and high absorption, for best results use a microfiber cloth. To clean the windshield, do a straight vertical motion. Do it from the top to the bottom in a direct swipe. Do this method until you have cleaned the entire surface of the windshield.

Do not clean the windshield in a circular motion, this increases the likelihood of scratches due to dirt on the windshield. Do a circular motion just for the finishing process.

When the cleaning process using the liquid spray is complete, do the windshield glazing process using a new microfiber cloth. Perform this process in a circular motion from one side to the other until the entire surface of the windshield is completely covered.

Clean the inside of the windshield

If the outer windshield has been successfully cleaned, then it’s time to clean the windshield on the inside. Sometimes many car owners are lazy to do this activity because it is considered not too important. In fact, dirty windshield does not only occur on the outside. Of course, it’s useless if the outer windshield is clean but the inner windshield is still dirty. Your visibility will definitely continue to decrease.

Before spraying the liquid, cover your dashboard with a microfiber cloth, so that no liquid will pollute the dashboard. For the inner windshield, you can use a sponge to clean it. You can start cleaning the windshield from the top left. Make a straight down motion like when you clean the outside windshield.

Work all these processes until you reach the right side and the whole windshield has been cleaned. After completion, you can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off any remaining liquid in the windshield and also work to polish the windshield. Do it in a circular motion.

Planning a Car Windshield Cleaning

Before cleaning, the thing to do is to choose the best cleaning fluid. One of the things you should pay attention to in choosing a product is to look at the composition. Do not choose products that have concentrated ammonia. The nature of this material can actually fade the color of the windshield. If your car’s windshield is one of a kind, then choose a search that is friendly to tinted windshield.

The process of cleaning the windshield is the last process that you must do after the other process. This is so that the process of cleaning the car body, as well as polishing and coating wax will not leave stains that can pollute the windshield of the car.

Clean the windshield in the right area. You can do it in an open area, just not when the sun is hot because the cleaning liquid can quickly evaporate which in turn will produce a water spot. If the car has been cleaned, then don’t forget to use a waterproof car cover when storing the car in the garage.

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