New or second Hand Cars?

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Are you considering buying a vehicle, but not sure whether to get a new or second hand? You came to the right place. Buying a car might have been your New Year resolution and we do everything in our power to make sure you don’t regret owning one. New car owners ought to research adequately on the most reliable car dealers. You can get information about everything about cars at There are hundreds of genuine reviews, experiences and networks from which you can get leads to getting the best new or second hand cars. In this article we will be discussing the pros and cons of getting a second hand vehicle. By the time you are done reading, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Pros of buying a second hand car

1. Cheaper to Insure

Having car insurance is mandatory everywhere.  Whether you buy a new or an old vehicle, you have to insure it. Premiums for a second hand car are relatively lower compared to those of insuring a new one. When you get a second hand car, the premiums are lower due to the reduced IDV. The previous owner of the car already incurred the hefty premiums getting the cover for the new car. The Insured Declared Value of second hand cars decreases making them cheaper to insure. The trick here is getting a reliable car and a good insurance company. Reviews about car insurances could be of great help. Besides you will be reading reviews, complaints and experiences of people who have been in your shoes.

2.  Better prices

A used car doesn’t have problems. Someone might have bought a model and realized it wasn’t as good as they expected. Getting such a car without any underlying issues is a dream come true for any second hand car buyer. Besides, people drive less during the first car. A slightly used car will be available at a lower price almost 20{a765a81d3436fbe2023aec981a681c6bf1b5ec519e13f61c2537ffa4e0aa3523} off the original price.

3.  Small loans and interest rates

A used car is apparently cheaper than a new one. Getting a loan to purchase a second hand vehicle means you get a lower amount with lesser monthly payments and a lower total charge as interest. You can pay the loan off quickly and qualify for a new one.

Cons of Buying a Second hand Car

1.  Limited Choice

Unlike walking to a showroom and shopping around from a variety of new models, getting a used car means sticking with the one available. When buying a new car, you get to choose the model, color, and other features. You don’t have a choice with used ones.

2.  Lack of Buyer Warranty

Buying a used car from an individual means you miss out on electrical and mechanical damage protection. You can, however, get one from a dealership or still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

3.  Unreliable

Used cars are generally less reliable than new ones. Despite having some improved qualities, pre owned cars can be “lemons” –perfect on the outside, but numerous underlying problems. Eventually, you might end up spending a fortune on frequent repairs.

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