More Bad Weather to Come

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With record temperature highs this October, it has become all but impossible to continue saying that global warming isn’t happening. We can see its effect on our day to day lives, more and more each year. “Global Warming” is a bit of a misnomer. While the overall temperature will rise and continue to rise, the actual effect may not be warmer temperatures but more likely changeable and more extreme.

Extreme Storms

Warmer seas mean more hurricanes, bigger hurricanes, and a longer hurricane season. In addition to trouble in the coastal regions, it’s likely to mean more unpredictable weather inland as well. Expect tornado damage and the need for hail repair Fort Worth or your area as storm systems become larger, more extreme, and more unpredictable.


Dry seasons are likely to become drier, but at the same time, wet seasons are liable to become wetter, creating a continuing cycle of feast and famine, creating difficulties for farmers no matter where they are. The real danger is the unpredictability of it. Areas that have never had floods before may suddenly find themselves having to deal with wildfires. Similarly, areas that are unused to flooding may have to deal with rising waters.

We Just Don’t Know

We are changing the environment on a global scale in a way that it’s never been changed before, so the truth is we just don’t know what will happen, and that’s a dangerous thing. Our expectations of the weather are all based on past observation, but those observations become obsolete as the climate changes. How can we predict what the weather will do, if we can no longer use the past as a guide? The trick to being prepared for a future we can’t know is being adaptable and observant. We will need to watch the changes that happen in the world around us, and respond quickly to them.

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