History and Understanding of laser marking Machines

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The Laser marking machine, which stands for Computer Numerically Controlled, began in 1952 which was developed by John Pearson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on behalf of the United States Air Force. Initially, this Laser marking machine was used to make special, complex work tools. Initially, Laser marking machines require high costs and a large volume of control units. In 1973, Laser marking machines were still very expensive so there were still few companies that had the courage to spearhead investment in this technology. From 1975, the production of Laser marking Machines began to develop rapidly. This development was driven by the development of increasingly sophisticated microprocessors so that the volume of controller units could be more concise. see this video also

Today, the use of Laser marking machines is almost used in all fields of Business Industry. Starting from the fields of Education such as Universities and Vocational Schools, Research Research, Manufacturing Industry, Workshop Workshop, Interior Furniture Furniture Business, Advertising and Creative Industries, and many others that use Laser marking machines that are very useful for many people and have been widely used in daily life -day. For more information you can visit: https://www.lasitlaser.com/laser-marking-plastic/

Laser marking machines are machines that are controlled by computers using numerical languages ​​(command data with numeric codes, letters and symbols) according to ISO standards. This Laser marking technology work system will be more synchronous between computers and mechanics, so that when compared with similar machine tools, Laser marking machine tools are more precise, more precise, more flexible and suitable for mass production. With the design of Laser marking Machine Tools can support production that requires a high level of complexity and can reduce operator interference during the engine operation.

Numerical Control (NC) is a format in the form of an automation program where the mechanical action of a machinery or other equipment is controlled by a program that contains numeric code data. Alphanumerical data presents a job instruction for operating the machine. Numeric Control (NC) regulates machine control on the basis of digital information. NC is useful for low and medium production which varies the production of items, where the shape, dimensions, process route, and machining are varied.

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