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NOTICE is issued in the interest of consumers planning to buy used cars and want to fulfil their dream of owning a car. If the buyer is purchasing a vehicle that is in a different registration class from their previous car (i.e. they sold their car and they’re now buying a truck for their gardening business) then the buyer will need to get new licence plates or a special sticker to put on their licence plates when they’re transferring registration and insurance from one vehicle to the car

When a used vehicle is purchased privately, the vehicle must display a valid Motor Vehicle Inspection issued within 30 days prior to the date of the sale in the name of the seller, showing a two year expiry date for type 1 vehicle ” or a one year expiry for a type 2 vehicle ” from the time of inspection.

Browsing quality used cars has never been easier thanks to Our extensive list of used cars gives you more choice and value for money – from large family cars to chic city and slick sports cars, there are hundreds of thousands to choose from in our car

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding different car brands, this may be due to bad experiences in the past or exposure to different marketing campaigns. We pride ourselves in delivering a diverse selection of top quality used cars and our collection is constantly updated with new stock to help you find the very best deals on second hand cars. With car salvage auction vehicles being added daily, you are sure to find the vehicle you are looking for, sourced directly from insurance companies. Finding out the average price you should pay for a used or new car can be a real puzzle. With 3 days to try and zero pressure to buy, you can test the car under your own conditions.

In the Civil Code of Quebec, a term called latent defects is used to define warranty of quality” when making a sale. Nissan for sale in the Philippines- Nissan Philippines was one of the country’s most popular auto brands in the past, but certain circumstances have caused the brand to lose some of its luster. It is one of the best-looking cars in its segment, and that alone makes it worth the money.

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