3 Best Automatic Motors 2020

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Motorcycle competition on the market today is very fierce. Each company competes to offer quality automatic motorcycles that can be relied upon as daily vehicles by many people. Because of the many types of automatic motorcycles on the market, it certainly makes us confused about choosing the best. Many factors make a motorcycle said to be the best, such as fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Here are some variants of automatic motorcycle that you can try.

1. Honda Vario 150

The greatness of the Honda Vario 150 is no doubt. This motorbike deserves to be called the best automatic motorbike on the market because it has a 150cc engine that is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. This motor is also very tough because the engine is capable of removing the power of 9.3 KW at 8,500 rpm and torque, reaching 12.8 Nm at 5,000 rpm. This motorbikes is also equipped with PGM-FI technology and Idling Stop System, which makes the fuel consumption of the Vario 150 motorbike more economical. If you want to buy a Honda brand motorbike like vario 150. You can buy it at Honda motorbikes uk

2. Yamaha XMAX 250

The 250cc automatic motorbike has become the new idol for automatic lovers. This can be seen from the enthusiasm of automatic lovers of the Yamaha XMAX 250. This motorcycle is much sought after by automotive lovers because it offers a powerful engine that is combined with a variety of other advanced features. The 250cc engine it uses is capable of removing the power of 16.8 kW at 7000rpm and torque reaching 24.3 Nm at 5500rpm. Also, this motorbike has a maxi-scooter design that offers a relaxed and comfortable driving position.

3. Yamaha NMAX

Talking about the best automatic motorbike in the market, of course, Yamaha NMAX is one of them. Maxi Scooter on this one is very popular with many parties because it offers a large design that looks handsome and sporty. Also, Yamaha NMAX has a 155cc engine equipped with Blue Core and VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology, which makes the engine’s performance and traction more powerful. There are also two different variants, namely ABS and Non-ABS.

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