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Nene Overland The Best Place For Car Lovers

Are you car lovers? If you are into Land Rovers, Jeeps, and Toyota, you must visit Nene Overland. Nene Overland is a platform that offers a variety of things about cars. Nene Overland is also a motor vehicle specialist. Not only sells a variety of cars, but Nene Overland also sells a variety of car spare parts as well as the service. For other services, see the following information:

1. Service Department

don’t need to hesitate if you want to fix your vehicle here. Nene Overland will provide the best service and after-sales service for its customers. Although most serve repairs are actually for Land Rovers, Jeeps, and such. However, Nene Overland still able to do service for another vehicle.

Many benefits can be obtained if you repair your vehicles in Nene Overland. The service offers you unbeatable quality, vehicle health checks, as well as car washing, personal service contacts, comfortable waiting rooms, and cost transparency.

The service schedule at Nene Overland starts at 08.30 AM – 05.30 AM on Monday-Friday. While Saturday, the service schedule starts at 08.30-01.00 PM only, and for Sunday, the service is closed.

2. Restoration and Reassembly of Vehicles

In addition to providing service for Nene Overland vehicles, Nene Overland also provides restoration and reassembling vehicle services. Nene Overland is expert in this matter. They have done a lot of repairs and assembly over the years. Therefore, based on the experience, Nene Overland can recommend the best action that needs to be done before repairs your vehicle. In doing repairs and reassembly, it sometimes requires a high cost. However, Nene Overland will remain honest with each of its customers and always deliver the total price to be paid without additional need.

3. Receive Vehicle Selling Services

Not only repairing damaged cars, but Nene Overland also received a sale of your vehicle. For those of you who often find it difficult to sell cars, Nene Overland will be happy to buy the car you are selling. No need to worry about the price offered. Nene Overland will offer the best price based on the model, age, and condition of the car. That way, the price will be paid in cash or via bank transfer on the same day. Easy, right?

Now that’s the three best services offered by Nene Overland, what are you waiting for?  visit Nene Overland at Peterborough United Kingdom PE5 7DL, or call it at 07133 380687

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